A Fine Day for Sailing are an indiepop band from London, UK.

Matt and Jen started the band in Exeter a few years ago, with Matt making three albums (Honeylands, My Baby Loves Pop Music and Sand Box) under the name A Fine Day for Sailing before relocating to London in late 2010 and putting the current band together.

Since then we’ve grown in numbers and have released a 7″ (Ballad of The Bedsit b/w Village Idiot) on Dufflecoat Records. A further single on Vollwert Records (Little Places b/w Me & The Girl) will be released 30th May 2012, and we’re currently working on our new album.

Here’s your guide to who’s who:

Caroline – Violin/Vocals/Fun Stuff

Jane Eyre, The Smiths, Dead Poets Society and newspapers.
Dislikes: Peas and cream.
Favourite Beach Boys song: God Only Knows.
Dream stage name: Heidi Superhero.

Dan – Drums

Likes: Trade unionism, vegetarian food, Torquay United Football Club.
Dislikes: Elastica, waiting for trains, austerity.
Favourite Beach Boys Song: Do It Again.
Dream Stage Name: Privet Binoculars.


Jen – Guitar/Vocals

Likes: Carl Wilson, Carson McCullers, Kathleen Hanna
Dislikes: Michael Booblay.
Favourite Beach Boys song: The Trader/’Til I Die/Please Let Me Wonder
Dream Stage name:
Justine Handlebar.

Other Bands: Lost & Found 


Matthew Stead – Guitar/Vocals

Likes: Dancing like nobody’s watching, William Saroyan, Larry David, being a librarian, button badges, Brian Wilson, the Likely Lads.
Dislikes: The Coalition, faux vegetarians, mayonnaise.
Favourite Beach Boys song: Surf’s Up (Smile demo version aka Leonard Bernstein version), Kiss Me Baby, Good Vibrations, God Only Knows, Wild Honey (sorry – had to give my top 5).
Dream Stage name: Arturo Bandini.
Other Bands: Banana & Louie, Lost & Found, The Fireworks.


Sharon – Keyboards/Vocals

Likes:knitting, harmonies, cider, sausage dogs and adventures.
Dislikes: Smoking, idiots, autotune.
Favourite Beach Boys song: ‘Til I Die. 
Dream Stage Name: Shaz Razzamatazz 
Other Bands: Banana & Louie


Thom – Bass/Guitar/Vocals.

Cigars, Jazz, freshly ironed white shirts.
Dislikes:Dislikes: Tomatoes, Abba, Tories.
Favourite Beach Boys Song: The usual favourites, and also Here She Comes.
Dream Stage Name: Reverend JizzJazz.
Other Bands: The Horses of Instruction.


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