Little Places b/w Me and the Girl  (2012, Vollwert Records)

Another taster from the fourth Fine Day record, this is a live favourite and a testament to the power of the settled lineup of the band. A BIG production, mixing twangy guitar, Spectoresque girl-group vocals and a joyous multilayered climax. This is a song made for sunny days spent in cars with the sunroof open and the radio blasting. B-side Me & The Girl is re-recording – a gentler arrangement of the earlier album track. Released on CD, by Vollwert and limited to 100 copies.

1. Little Places (4.17)
2. Me & The Girl (4.11)


Ballad of The Bedsit b/w Village Idiot  (2011, Dufflecoat Records)

Ballad Of The Bedsit Cover Art

The start of a new-look Fine Day, launched with an eight-piece band including a string section, harmonies and a fun video! The 7″ was limited to 200 copies on red-vinyl with hand coloured numbered sleeves. Some are still available from our shop! The digital download is available here.

1. Ballad of the Bedsit (2.56)
2. Village Idiot (3.45)


Summer Blonde b/w Money Honey  (2010, Vollwert Records)

A Fine Day for Sailing’s first ever 7″ single. 247 magazine believed it should be “…all over the radio, on your car stereo and tattooed on your brain”.

1. Summer Blonde (4.08)
2. Money Honey (3.23)


Me & The Girl / Village Idiot  (2009, Pop Noise Records)

Me & the Girl

Double A-side of two songs from the debut that would later be re-recorded for future B-sides, plus the otherwise unavailable Is He The One That You Want?

The digital download is available here.

1. Me & The Girl (3.48)
2.Village Idiot (4.02)
3. Is He The One That You Want? (3.23)



Sand Box (2010, Vollwert Records)

Sand Box

The second Fine Day album of 2010, and the most Beach Boys-esque one yet, from the title on down to the Brian Wilson paean Orange Crate Imagination.

The digital download is available here.

1. Summer Blonde (4.08)
2. 925 (2.41)
3. Baby (3.48)
4. My Bubblegum (4.35)
5. Leaves In The Summer (1.55)
6. I Can’t Get You Off My Mind (3.17)
7. Same Old Story (3.34)
8. My Little Girl (3.14)
9. Make It Better (4.09)
10. Tell Him The Truther (2.41)
11. Orange Crate Imagination (5.22)


My Baby Loves Pop Music (2010, Vollwert Records)

A Fine Day For Sailing : My Baby Loves Pop Music

Album number two has far more of the pop sound that has carried over into the current Fine Day lineup, even though everything except the drums had been recorded in Matthew’s bedroom again! As well as new versions of Blanket Girlfriend and Village Idiot, Me & The Girl was re-recorded as the B-side of the Little Places 7″.

1. God Bless New York (4.14)
2. Honeydew And Fuck You (4.03)
3. Me & The Girl (3.48)
4. A Fine Day For Sailing (4.15)
5. My Baby Loves Pop (Part 1) (2.49)
6. My Baby Loves Pop (Part 2) (2.32)
7. True Love (It Hurts) (3.57)
8. Emma-Louise (3.16)
9. V.I.L.L.A.G.E. I.D.I.O.T. (2.58)
10. Without You (6.08)
11. Blanket Girlfriend


Honeylands (2009, Pop Noise Records)

A Fine Day For Sailing : HoneylandsThe first Fine Day album – Matthew plays all the instruments on this one and recorded it in his home. We still play a couple of songs from this, and re-recorded Village Idiot twice!

1. Bookend I (0.23)
2. Hero Of The Home Counties (5.11)
3. Village Idiot (4.01)
4. Does He Kiss Like Valentine? (3.30)
5. Don’t Come Back To The City (3.27)
6. Heart Shaped Box (3.07)
7. Me & The Girl (3.47)
8. Blanket Girlfriend (4.46)
9. Wash God Out Of My Hair (4.54)
10. Fall To The River (5.50)
11. Bookend II (0.25)
12. Footnote: Where The Boom Boom Bands Play (3.50)


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